Wednesday Dec 08, 2021

Who Is Rakhi Sawant’s Husband?

rakhi sawant wedding

Rakhi Sawant is all set to appear in Big Boss season 15 with her husband. The question is who is Rakhi Sawant’s husband? Well, let’s check together 🙂

Rakhi Sawant is an Indian Bollywood actress known for her public speaking. She remains in the news usually because of her speech.

In November 2018, Rakhi announced that she will marry reality television personality Deepak Kalal on 31 December 2018. In December, Rakhi says that she has cancelled her marriage with Deepak Kalal because he is engaged to another girl now.

Rakhi Sawant Husband

Everyone just knows the name of Rakhi Sawant’s husband but not the face.

In 2019, Rakhi publicly announced that she married a person named Ritesh in a private ceremony. However, she didn’t reveal any picture of her husband.

Main dar gayi thi, haan maine shaadi kar li hai. I am confirming the news with you today.

Rakhi Sawant

Let’s wait for her next announcement about the face of her husband 🙂 Till then, keep loving us.

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